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        Ask and Answer
        Jewelry Making

        Join in our jewelry making discussion!  Do you have a jewelry making question?  Do you have skills and experience that you can share?  I invite you share both questions and answers so we can all learn from each other.

        Many discussions have been sorted into categories so pick the one you'd like to peruse. (Each link will take you to a new webpage).

        If you have a question be sure to check that it hasn't already been asked and answered.  You would be surprised how many of the same questions are asked over and over.

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        Questions That Others Have Asked

        Click on the links below to see what others have asked. To answer a question, click on the "add comments" link and submit your answer.

        Leather Earrings Keep Turning Around 
        I make leather earrings and have had trouble with some of them turning around backwards. They have an 8 mm jump ring and another tiny jump ring with …

        Cord for Wooden Bead Bracelet 
        What kind of cord should I use for making a Wooden Beads Bracelet?

        Tying Secure Knots for Bracelets and Necklaces 
        hi everyone! Every time I make bracelets or necklaces they come undone and beads go everywhere even when I use glue. Is there a special knot you …

        How Do You Attach Clasp to the End of Wire When Making a Necklace 
        I am teaching myself how to make jewelry and I need to know how to attach a clasp to my finished product.

        Ready-to-Wear Chain or Cut the Chain Myself? 
        I'm new to jewelry making and am wondering is it better to use ready to wear chains or cut the chains myself and add the jump rings and clasp? My …

        Large hole beads bracelets and earrings 
        I have large hole lampwork beads. I don't understand which wire to use for making earrings as the hole is 4 mm. Could you please guide me? How do I …

        Can Copper Filled with Polymer Clay be Baked in a Toaster Oven? 
        Can copper filled with polymer clay be put into a toaster oven to bake the clay?

        Sizing For Chunky Children's Jewelry 
        Hello, Is there a sizing chart for children's chunky necklaces and bracelets? Thanks.

        Can I Spray Krylon on Swarovsky? 
        Hi. I'd like to spray Krylon Crystal Clear coating on some earrings made of copper to prevent tarnish, but they also have Swarovsky crystals on them. …

        Fairy Lantern Earrings 
        Hi I'm looking for a pattern for Fairy Lantern earrings. The picture was using 2 bicones and seed beads and bugle beads. The seed beads and small …

        How To Make Swarovski Tassel Earrings?  
        I love the Swarovski tassel earrings. How did you make them? Will you be posting directions? Absolutely gorgeous! Lisa

        Elastic Cord Bracelet 
        How can I make a bracelet with elastic cord that crosses over to another cord? I saw a bracelet that had elastique string but it was criss crossed …

        Need Idea For Back Of Earrngs 
        Hello, I am making a pair of steampunk earrings out of watch face. I need something to glue to the back of the earrings so that I can add fish hook findings …

        Newbie Help With Tiny Stones 
        I purchased a packet of stones from a cable tv jewelry channel that also promotes its own Jewelry making supplies. I love Tourmaline and so when they …

        What Makes Yellow-Gold Look More Yellowish And Less Shiny? 
        Which material makes 18K gold look more yellowish and less shiny? I know it must be some powder, but I don't know its name?

        Jumpring Conversion Chart  
        Is there a metric/size conversion chart for jumprings?

        Swarovski Rivoli Terminology 
        What is difference between a foiled button and a transmission button on a Swarovski #3015 ravioli?

        How To - Drill Hole A In Rock? 
        How do I drill tiny holes in our own polished rocks?

        Connecting Very Tiny Chain 
        How do you connect very tiny chain? I have some very tiny chain that is soldered but I don't have any jumprings that are that small and I haven't …

        How Do I Connect A Bezel Link With Elastic Cord? 
        Hello everyone, I am trying to make an elastic bracelet using gemstone beads and a bezel link connector. When I do the knots they seem to not hold …

        Ring size 
        How do you make silver rings larger without taking to a jeweler? My size has changed.

        How to Prevent Silver and Gold-Plated Jewelry From Tarnishing? 
        How can I treat silver and gold-plated jewelry so that it does not go off color - and especially so that it does not stain the wearer's skin?

        How to Connect a String of Beads to Chain 
        I'm trying to make a necklace that has a string of marble slab beads with chain on either side. The only thing I'm not sure of, is how to connect the string …

        Bead Hole Too Large 
        The hole of my bead is too large for the headpin. Is there any technique I could use to keep bead on?

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        Best Brands Of Wire and Jump Rings For Durability? 
        What wire and/or jump rings have given you the strongest results?

        How To Cut Metal Stamping Blanks? 
        I was wondering if someone might be able to walk me through the process of cutting metal stamping blanks out of sheet metal. I understand it can be …

        Sabika Look-Alike 
        Where can I find the necklace and rhinestones to make a Sabika look-alike necklace??

        Bead Stringing and Knotting 
        I have searched and searched the internet on techniques to make a necklace similar to the one pictured. I can't figure out how to knot between the …

        How to Make Earrings 
        Just starting out. Need to know how to make earrings. What are the steps to do a finished pair. Thank you.

        Bubbles In Epoxy 
        Hi, I tried my hand at using epoxy to make a focal the other day. It hardened up just fine, but left a skim of bubbles at the top that obscured the …

        Earring Post 
        I need earring posts of sterling silver that has a flat or cupped circle at the end to glue or some how put a gem, cameo, or a stone onto. I have so …

        Anchoring Large Hole Beads On Leather Cord 
        I am making necklaces and bracelets that have a strand or two of leather cord and want to position a few large hole beads on the cord. How do I get …

        Turning A Button Into A Pendant? 
        How can a large button be turned into a pendant to wear on a pearl necklace?

        What Type Of Stringing Material To Use? 
        I am making a long necklace with plastic beads and light wooden beads. I would like the necklace to be about 32". I was wondering which string would …

        Cable On Beaded Necklace Broke - How To Fix? 
        Hello! I made a partly-double strand beaded necklace (see pic) using stringing cable but the loop of cable between the final crimp bead and the jump …

        Pendants Turning 
        How do I add a pendant to a necklace so it won't turn?

        Wrapped Stone Bracelet 
        I'm looking to make cuffs like the picture and hoping to find a pattern for a macrame wrapped stone to put in a bracelet, so without the loop of cord at …

        What Type Of Paint Can Be Used On A Wire Bracelet? 
        What kind of paint (or other method of coloring) can be used on a wire bracelet? At the moment, all I have is acrylic, which would chip off when the …

        Attaching Pearl Dangles 
        I want to make a bridal set that has a string of pearls/crystals with many headpin-based dangles and a center pendant. Is it OK to hang the headpins …

        Attaching Ball Chain To Other Types Of Chain  
        I am making a multi-strand gem bead bracelet. I am trying to attach a delicate version of a dog tag chain to the other two chains but I cannot use …

        Attaching A Crimp Coil To Rattail Cord? 
        How do you attach a crimp coil to rattail cord? I am trying to make a necklace and have tried to use my crimping pliers and regular pliers to crimp …

        How Do I Keep A Necklace Clasp In Place? 
        When I put my necklace on the clasp/closure is in the back where it should be. Within minutes of wearing the necklace the clasp has shifted to the …

        Attaching Chain 
        How do you attach a chain to a pendant if the chain is too small for jump rings?

        Matte Perspex In A Tumbler? 
        Hi, I'm thinking of using recycled perspex pieces but some are scratched already and I would like a uniform matte finish. Was thinking about buying …

        Looking For Large Silver Sliders 
        I attended a craft fair yesterday and I saw a very large, very light weight silver slider that was put on a scarf and hung around your neck with a pendant …

        How To Use Resin To Protect An Object In A Pendant? 
        I have a unique carved pink arrowhead that I would like to protect in a open bezel and wish to use clear resin and harden it for permanent protection. …

        Where Can I Find Metal Cross Beads With Vertical Loops? 
        Where can I find a very small metal cross bead with a hanger on each end to string vertically onto a necklace? I saw a necklace on virgins, saints, …

        Use Of Precious Metal Headpins 
        Do most jewelry makers use sterling silver or gold-filled headpins? It increases the cost so fast, especially when designing a cluster of stones. …

        Need Pewter Posts And Backings  
        I need pewter posts and backings to make allergy specific earrings. Can you accommodate or refer me to someone?

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        Removing Incorrectly Soldered Items 
        HELP! I have soldered a jump ring on to a PMC pendant but it looks bad. How do I remove the jump ring? I have used easy solder (silver solder and …

        Magnet Attachments For Jewelry 
        I am looking to buy magnet attachments for my Mom for her jewelry because she has arthritis and can not hook her necklaces or bracelets. I have seen …

        What Size Crimp Beads Or Tubes? 
        Hi..I have been having problems with bracelets coming apart ( after I've given them as gifts!!) I've been using 2-3mm crimp tubes..just went to our …

        Tea Cone Clasp 
        How do I use a Tea Cone Clasp? I purchased it,some time ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, had double mastectomy and purchased lots of jewelry …

        Where Can I Get HooksTo Make Buttons Into Pendants? 
        I want to make pendants out of vintage buttons but can't find the hooks to glue on the back of them to run the chain through. Where can I find them? …

        For Beginners 
        What is the simplest thing to start off with making that doesn't take too long and looks nice?

        Is It Hard To Learn ? 
        I have a learning disability and I have always wanted to learn how to make jewelry but a lot of people told me that it was going to be hard for me. …

        Side by Side Double Beads / Double Wrap Bracelet 
        I know how to make the beaded double-wrap bracelet, but I can't figure out how to make the bracelet wider using an additional row of beads (i.e. side-by-side …

        Double Balled Head Pins With Beads 
        I know how to ball one end of a wire