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        Earring Making

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        Earring making is a great for the impatient crafter to complete something quickly and wear it in minutes. Fast, fun, and relatively inexpensive. Enough yammering. (I'm impatient too). Let's get moving and earring making.


        Earring Gallery

        A great way to jumpstart your creativity is to check out other people's earring designs.  If you'd like, you can check out my earring gallery page to see some designs.  I haven't updated this in awhile though.  Darn time keeps ticking away without me getting to do everything I mean to.  Ah, such is life...

        Free Tutorials

        Another thing on my ever growing to-do list - make more of these here earring tutorials.  But the few that are here are pretty darn nice.

        Basic Chandelier Earrings

        Chandelier EarringsLearn to make these chandelier earrings courtesy of Beth Routhier, artisan jeweler at The Moods of Eve and assistant editor here at How-to-Make-Jewelry.com

        Handmade Earring Wires

        Earring wiresLearn how I make my own handmade earring wires.


        Are you a jewelry artist?

        I'd love to post one of your projects on How-to-Make-Jewelry.com.

        Guest tutorials are a great way to get a valuable backlink to your website, and get the word out about your creations.

        If you'd like to submit a guest tutorial let me know: Contact me

        Caution: Should your tutorial be accepted, fame and fortune may ensue. Please don't hold me responsible should you become overwhelmed by enthusiastic emails, avalanches of orders, and jewelry artist groupies.

        Sterling Silver and Garnet Earrings

        Silver EarringsThese Sterling Silver and Garnet Earrings earrings have long been a favorite of mine.  Perfect for someone with short-ish hair and who is on the petite side (like me).

        Peruvian String Art Earrings

        String Art EarringsPeruvian string art earrings are kinda neat. I sometimes get questions about how to make them. Here's a video tutorial and some other information on how to make string art earrings.


        Mod Wire Earrings

        Mod Earring 1These "mod" earrings are really easy to make and take only a few minutes once you've gotten the hang of them.


        Freeform Wire Earrings

        Freeform Wire EarringsThese crafty wire-wrapped earrings are sheik and fun - and very easy to make, too!  Thanks to Heather Saxon of Hotwired Beads for this tutorial.


        Cherry Earrings

        Cherry EarringsThese spunky and cute felted cherry earrings are fashionable and fun to make.  Another great tutorial by Heather Saxon of Hotwired Beads.


        Related Books and Supplies

        Here are some great books to check out if you're interested in learning more about earring making.


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