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        Friendship Bracelet Patterns

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        Here's a collection of friendship bracelet patterns for making embroidery floss bracelets. 

        If you're looking for non-embroidery floss friendship bracelets, check out this friendship bracelet overview page

        What's on this page...

        Knotting Instructions

        Before you begin...

        If you're new to following the knotted floss bracelet patterns on this website, you'll need to know a few floss bracelet basics to understand the patterns.  You'll get an overview of the knots, tools and materials, starting and finishing, and lots of tips.

        The Patterns:

        Chinese Staircase

        Chinese Stiarcase Bracelet

        Difficulty: *
        The easiest pattern of all. I almost didn't want to put in a single star for difficulty.

        Candy Stripe

        Candy Stripe Friendship Bracelet Tutorial
        Difficulty: *
        The second easiest pattern of all.

        Rainbow Banded Friendship Bracelet

        Rainbow Banded Bracelet Tutorial
        Difficulty: *


        Friendship Bracelet Chevron Pattern
        Difficulty: *

        Leaves Pattern

        Friendship Bracelet - Leaves Pattern Instructions

        Leaves Pattern

        Difficulty: *
        Easy -- Very similar to the chevron or arrow pattern.

        Zolino Friendship Bracelet

        Zolino Friendship Bracelet Pattern

        Difficulty: *** Advanced-ish but only uses two knots

        Inverse Chevron

        Inverse chevron
        Difficulty: *

        Bordered Chevron

        Bordered Chevron
        Difficulty: **

        Zig Zag

        Difficulty: **


        heart friendship bracelet
        Difficulty: ***

        Double Chevron

        double chevron friendship bracelet
        Difficulty: ***

        Wave and Loop (Advanced)


        Click here to go to the Wave and Loop pattern page.

        Criss Cross (Advanced)


        Click here to go to the Criss Cross pattern page.

        Advanced Zig Zag Friendship Bracelet Pattern

        Zig Zag bracelet

        Click here to go to the Advanced Zig Zag pattern page.


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        Have a Question?

        Check out our Friendship Bracelet Ask & Answer Page.

        Have a request for a specific bracelet style?  Leave your request in the comments below.

        Want to submit a pattern or a tutorial for me to post on this site?  Submit your stuff to me by contacting me here. Youtube videos welcome too.  :)  Just give me the details.

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        Need some friendship bracelet making tools? We've put together a small collection for you, below.

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