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        How to Make Friendship Bracelets

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        Are you looking for friendship bracelet making instructions? Learning how to make friendship bracelets is really fun and they aren't hard to make at all.

        Friendship Bracelet Patterns

        Hemp Knotting Instructions

        Wire Working

        Floss Friendship Bracelet Basic Instructions

        Easy Friendship Bracelets

        Advanced Friendship Bracelet Patterns

        Stringing Beads


        Polymer Clay

        Gimp Friendship Bracelets

        Friendship Bracelet Necklace

        Friendship Bracelet Ask and Answer

        Introduction to Friendship Bracelets

        There are lots of different types of friendship bracelets, but they all have a common purpose. They are all symbols of the love you have for your cherished friend. Giving someone a friendship bracelet is a great way to show them how much you care for them.

        Types of Friendship Bracelets

        Any bracelet that you give a friend as a symbol of your friendship is a friendship bracelet. Here are some of the most common types:

        Embroidery Floss Friendship Bracelets

        The Knotted Band


        Isn't this what you think of as a friendship bracelet? These are really fun to make, and don't cost much in supplies either. I get my embroidery floss from the dollar store down my street - 3 packages for a buck! Doesn't get much better than that does it?

        Floss Friendship Bracelet Basics

        If you're new to floss friendship bracelet making, start here! 

        This Floss Friendship Bracelet Basics page will quickly bring you up to speed about: tools, materials, the basic knots, how to finish off the bracelet, fasten the bracelet, and also offers lots of tips.


        Friendship Bracelet Patterns

        Easy Floss Friendship Bracelet Patterns

        how to make friendship bracelets

        A collection of detailed patterns and instructions.  Includes candy stripe, and a number of chevron patterns.


        Advanced Floss Friendship Bracelet Patterns

        advanced friendship bracelets

        A collection of advanced friendship bracelet patterns. Right now this list is small, but it will be growing soon.


        Gimp Friendship Bracelet

        gimp friendship bracelet

        The gimp friendship bracelet is one of those unchanging friendship bracelet styles that will always be in fashion. Learn how to make one with these instructions.

        Friendship Necklace

        These friendship necklaces are really easy and quick to make. Once you learn the easy embroidery floss necklace wrapping technique, you can use the knot to make friendship bracelets too.

        Aren't these gorgeous?

        Friendship Bracelets

        Photo: Reprinted from Honestly WTF Creative Commons License

        Related Books From Amazon.com

        Explore the fascinating world of friendship bracelets with some of these hot picks from Amazon.com

        My personal pick:

        Friendship Bands: * Braiding * Weaving * Knottingamazon (by Marlies Busch, Nadja Layer, Angelika Neeb, and Elisabeth Walch). 

        christineMy review:  This well written book covers every kind of friendship bracelet imaginable.  From embroidery floss, to hemp and macrame, and even beaded bracelets.  A great buy with clear instructions.  And bargain priced too (gotta love that! ) Christine

        More Books

        If the Friendship Bands book isn't exactly what you're looking for, check out our other picks below:

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