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        Sterling and Gemstone Disc Earrings Tutorial

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        Page 5: Making a Wrapped Loop Eyepin

        making a wrapped loop step 1

        Step 9: Make a wrapped loop eyepin

        1. Cut a 4 inch length of 22 gauge wire.

        2. Grab the wire about halfway down with your round-nosed pliers.

        Tip: Mark your pliers with a permanent marker as a guide for wire placement. This will help you make uniform loops.

        3. Wrap the wire around the jaw of your round-nosed pliers to make a loop

        making a wrapped loop step 2

        4. Hold the loop with your chain-nosed pliers and wind the wire around it three times.

        making a wrapped loop step 3 5. Trim the end with your flush cutter and tuck it down.
        the finished wrapped loop
        The finished eyepin

        Page 1: Introduction
        Page 2: Tools and Materials List
        Page 3: Balling Wire and Piercing
        Page 4: Attaching the Beads
        Page 5: Making a Wrapped Loop Eyepin
        Page 6: Make a Simple Forged Loop
        Page 7: Assemble Components and Make a Steel Brushed Patina


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