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        Jewelry Articles

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        Grab a cup of coffee, settle in, and get your printer fired up or your notebook handy. You are sure to find something in these jewelry articles that inspires a wonderful new design idea or spurs you on to take action in your business.


        Newest Article

        Valentine?s Day Jewelry
        A list of Valentine?s Day jewelry projects submitted by Ela Pelayo

        The Thrifty Jeweler : Cheap Beads
        How to Purchase Beads While the Cash Flow is Low.  Learn some tips and tricks about beading on a budget.

        Meteorite Jewelry
        A great article on meteorite jewelry by Kathy of Jewelry Making Experts.

        Jewelry Articles Relating to Design and Technique

        Handmade Beads - Learn how to make your best handmade beads.

        Attaching Silk Cord to Semi-Precious Stones
        May from Tucson Arizona asked me about attaching small briolette pear shaped beads to a black silk cord.  Read the article to hear how I would do it.

        Anti-Tarnish Silver
        Learn more about a new alloy on the market and where you can get your hands on some.

        Question About Making Soldered Rings
        What's the difference between fine silver and sterling silver wire? I want to make some soldered silver rings and I'm not sure what to buy. Someone told me that fine silver is better - is it?  Read the answer (submitted by Vanessa) by clicking here.

        Jewelry Design Ideas
        Looking for jewelry design ideas? How about adding color to your metal jewelry, use ribbon on a charm bracelet, or transform free samples into jewelry? Click here to read more.

        What is The Best Way to Letter Stamp Silver Charms?
        Letter stamping is really hot right now.  Katie from Aurora, Ontario questioned me about it, so I told her what I've discovered through my own experiments.  Click here to read about it.

        Finishing a Five String Bracelet
        Ever wanted to make one of those multi-strand necklaces or bracelets but didn't know how to group them together at the clasp? Fellow site visitor Nancy asked me how I would do it. Click here to read how I would do it using bead cones.

        What is Gold Wire Used For?
        Pop quiz:  What's the difference between gold plated, gold filled, gold solder, and vermeil?  Don't know?  Shame on you!  Read my answer to the age-old question, "What is Gold Wire Used For? and you'll learn more than you'd like.

        Length of Strands for a Four Strand Necklace
        Olivia from Texas shares a picture of necklace she's having trouble with.  Read her question and my proposed solution.

        Resin and Finishing Your Jewelry
        A fellow visitor asks about resin as a protective barrier. Read my answer. I talk about resin coating, lacquer, museum wax, furniture wax, and Turtle Wax Finish 2001.

        Business Articles

        Looking for the business articles?  They've been moved to their own page.  Click here to go to the Home Jewelry Business Success page.

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