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        Your Handmade
        Jewelry Gallery

        Show off your beautiful work!

        Who makes jewelry so beautiful your eyes water and your knees buckle? You do! And you want to share in the jewelry gallery to spread your magic with all. (Steampunk? We have a special gallery for you)

        Let's keep this a fun gallery - share, don't sell. (I know, you wouldn't dream of spamming your gallery but for those nasty other people)...

        Show Me Yours!

        Share some of your jewelry and how you made it with the rest of the How-to-Make-Jewelry Community.

        Gallery Submissions Already Submitted

        Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page...

        Steampunk Pendant - Clockwork Seaglass 
        I fell in love with steampunk and learned to pair it with my other love, seaglass. I am selling this, along with other pieces, at

        Mala Prayer Beads 
        A friend of mine asked me to make him a Mala Prayer bead, which I really didn't know anything about, so I read up on it and this is my first one. It …

        Chainmaille - So Many Weaves 
        Hi, my name is Yvonne and live in Holland. I love making my own jewelry. I started making chain maille about a year ago now and just love it. There …

        Swavorski Gem 3-Strand Unisex Bracelet 
        This is my 3-strand Swarovski gem and silver bar spacer bracelet. It is done in black and indigo blue. The reason I say "Unisex" is because it was …

        Razzle-Dazzle Medic-Alert Bracelet  
        First off, this is a 2 strand Swarovski gem & rhinestone crystal spacer add-on bracelet with lobster claw closures for you medic alert plate. I had …

        Gemstone and Bone 
        I get ideas for necklaces, perhaps in the colors and I will pull out the beads that go along with that thought. I like to pull out some of each bag,and …

        Jewlery Karma 
        I love making jewelry, but I love the way it makes my customers feel even more! I am delighted to hear they love wearing my jewelry designs, and it inspires …