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        Jewelry Making Supply Resources

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        Looking for a good jewelry making supply source?  Maybe you're looking to buy jewelry making tools, beads, or precious metal wire.  Here's my list of favourite resources.  Check back often as I'll be adding more and more as I find the time.

        Looking for the Jewelry Business Resources?  I've moved them here: Jewelry Business Tools and Resources

        Bead and Jewelry Making Supply

        Here is my short list of favorite suppliers for beads, findings, tools, wire, and sheet. Most of them I have used myself and can personally recommend them.  Bead and Jewelry Making Supply

        Miscellaneous Altered-Art and Craft Materials

        Create for Less boasts over 60,000 craft supplies.

         Dick Blick Art Materials has a great assortment of stuff including hemp twine, casting resin, wooden beads for macrame and hemp jewelry making, and tons more. They even have a glass bead making kit! (That's so awesome- glass bead making is at the top on my list of new hobbies to learn when I have more free time).

        Joann.com is a favourite for fabrics, and they have a great selection of craft supplies too.

        Ornamentea.com is one of the coolest new online shops I've seen in awhile!  Check out their awesome offerings especially for those of you who are mixed media and experimental art-to-wear jewelry makers.

        Keys FiligreeFelt Balls

        Polymer Clay

        CreateForLess jewelry making supplyhas  a great polymer clay selection, including Fimo and Sculpey, but delivers to the U.S. only.  I live in Canada, so I haven't tried them personally, but I hear that they're good.

        Dick Blick Art Supplies has an awesome selection of polymer clay supplies, books, and they even sell a polymer clay craft oven (so you don't get those stinky fumes into your food) I can vouch for them- I ordered from them a few times and they are quick and reliable, and they even ship to Canada!

        Jo-Ann.com has a great selection too, and also a free shipping club. (U.S.A. only as well).

        Metal Sheet and Wire

        The metal sheet and wire resources have been moved to the bead and jewelry making supply page


        The metal sheet and wire resources have been moved to the bead and jewelry making supply page.

        Other Creative Resources

        These online craft resources are some I've found useful for their how-to projects and tutorials. 

        Do It Yourself Gifts - Creative and Unique Gift Ideas, Projects, and Instructions. Make or buy the perfect gift for any occasion!

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